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Rachel Ray's Vacation clip
Rachael Ray's Vacation



Culinary Travels clip
Culinary Travels



CBS Sunday Morning clip
CBS Sunday Morning



The Food Network video clip
The Food Network: "The Best Of"



"... In an era ruled by technology, windjamming is an aberration, an unscripted adventure. Wind and tide set the pace and itinerary; sunrise and sunset schedule the day...."
     —Read the full article: USA Today

"I have a tragic history of letting summer go by without embracing the outdoors. This year I've been burning to spend time by the water...this country girl turned New Yorker needs the REAL thing. Over stimulated, synthesized and social networked to exhaustion, I wanted peace and quiet with green space for miles. Honestly, I wanted to be a passenger, for someone or something to carry me around to beautiful places while I took naps, ate, drank and sketched in my sketchbook..."
     —Read the full post on Garrott Designs' cool travel blog

"... I have just returned from a four-day trip aboard the schooner Stephen Taber — a sailing excursion described as "camping with better food." It rained for the first 36 or so hours. It was chilly. I spent most of my time outdoors. And I regret nothing. Here's why:

It. Was. Awesome...."
     —Read the full blog-post: Bangor Daily News blog

Video made in Spring 2017 about maintaining the schooner

"If you’re a foodie, sailing on the Stephen Taber is a must"
     —Read the full article: Dave's Travel Corner

"A Breathtaking Windjammer Getaway in Maine"
     —Read the full article: offMetro

"The Schooner Stephen Taber, an Unforgettable Maine Windjammer Vacation"
     —Read the full article at

Maine Magazine joins us for Schooner Days

Entrepreneur recommends The Taber as one of "5 Extreme Retreats When You Want to Unplug"
     —   Read entire article

"...provides a relaxed atmosphere and home-style meals along with details of Maine's stunning coastline and rich history."
     —USA TODAY.COM   Read entire article

Schooner Showdown
"We've been racing each other out there for the last six or seven years, constantly. The French and the Taber are evenly matched, and we're both competitive, but not in a way that if one of us looses we hold a grudge. You have to deliver a six-pack of beer, so there is something at stake. Rowing it over and getting razed by the other captain and passengers is usually part of the fun."
     —Craig Milner, Classic Boat, November 2011

Wine Tasting the Windjammer Way
"We parked and were greeted by a smiling crewman who assisted us with our duffel bags.... From bow to stern, the exquisite craftsmanship was stunning.... I felt privileged to be on board such a historic treasure."

"With the sun on our faces and wind in our hair, we spent relaxing days at sea gazing at rugged, spruce-covered coastlines and countless miniscule islands that floated amidst the shimmering, cobalt-blue waters. I often saw lighthouses, playful porpoises and seals, lobster boats and colorful bobbing buoys. I found the constant bantering among passengers and crew equally entertaining. Not since a guided bike trip to France's Loire Valley in '98 had I laughed as much with a group of people whom I had met just days before."
     —Kim Duke-Layden, Vie Magazine

Waterfront Adventures... On Your To Do List
"The Stephen Taber whisks lucky diners away from the hustle of mainland living and takes them back in time from the shores of Rockland."
Check out the entire article from the July/August 2012 Portland Monthly

Things to Do in Rockland, Maine: Small Nautical Town with Big Taste
"...21st century Rockland has proudly preserved its maritime heritage while blossoming into an unassuming culinary starlet of northern New England, with a smattering of cultural offerings thrown in for good measure...."
    —offMetro    Read entire article

Fair Winds & Fine Wine Aboard The Schooner Stephen Taber
"...The checkered tablecloth was laid out and so were the wines Jane had carefully selected for us. Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a wine tasting aboard a schooner, but Jane amazed us all...."
    —WINEormous    Read entire article

"...a meal aboard the Stephen Taber gives a whole new meaning to a movable feast."
     —Rachael Ray

"Rustic Luxury!"
     —CBS Sunday Morning

"Magnificent paella!"
     —The Food Network

Downeast Magazine Online Edition
"If it sounds like I'm gushing here, I'm truly sorry. I've tried to show some measure of restraint, some modicum of ironic distance, but I can't. The fact is it's difficult to overstate what it's like to be well-fed and wine-warmed on the lantern-lit deck of a gently bobbing 137-year-old schooner with three ridiculously talented individuals singing for your amusement while the crowd around you bubbles with laughter and cheers. If you were in this same circumstance, you'd find yourself in a quasi-suspended state of incessant, uncontrollable smiling. You'd feel light. You'd feel far outside the normal realm of experience."
     —Ben McCanna, Downeast Magazine Online Edition, 2008

Maine's Love Boats - The History, Legend and Romance of A Schooner Wedding
"This wasn't a three-hour tour. She looked to her fiancé, smiling. It was difficult not to smile with the secret they shared. In less than an hour, the captain would stop off at a deserted island, the crew would break out the treasure chest of champagne, the violinist would come up on deck, and they would be married in front of 20 strangers. On a tiny speck of an island. In the middle of nowhere.

Or perhaps you're one of those gals who'd like to "kick the tires" of a schooner before you commit to the big day. For the ultimate joyride, you (and your fiancé — or heck — just the girls!) won't want to miss the Taber's four-day wine tasting cruise. Each day, new wines are introduced on a country theme allowing you to sample seven French wines followed that evening by a menu of French cuisine. The chef and the wine expert collaborate on the flavorscape (yes that's a real word) as you enjoy your favorite wine with your meal. Other country themes may include Spain, Australia, Italy, Greece and Chile."   Read entire article
     —By Holly Noonan & Kaley Noonan, Weddings Down East

Maine Schoonering on the Stephen Taber
"Chef Aimée and her assistant Vanessa prepare three truly remarkable meals daily, amazing because of the creativity of the changing menus and the fact that they are turned out from a snug little galley on an antique wood-fired stove. Breakfasts always include breads baked fresh daily, lunches might be structured around savory soups such as a bouillabaisse of lobster and local crustaceans, and dinner might be centered around a fabulous shepherd's pie with more side dishes than a body can consume, all topped off by a rich dessert and coffee served topside."   Read entire article
     —By Rod Lopez-Fabrega, Romar Traveler

The New England Coast — The Most Spectacular Sights & Destinations
by Kim Knox Beckius and William H. Johnson, Voyageur: Minneapolis, 2008

" wind fills the sails of the Stephen Taber, determining her destination for the day, passengers reacquaint themselves with the rhythms of nature, reassess their lives, and realize just how unspoilt and serene the Maine coast remains."

Noah and Jane's Excellent Adventure: Wine Tasting Aboard the Stephen Taber
"...Jane gets down to business, she squeegees down the cabin top, lays out real stemware and tasting notes, and sets out eight bottles of red and white wine. Every evening aboard the Taber's wine tasting cruise, a different country's wines are highlighted with a tasting and discussion of that country's varietals and viticultural history. Tonight is French night and there's no better way to start the evening than with Champagne."   Download a PDF of the entire article (288kb)
     —Maine Discovery Coast Magazine, 2007

Celebrating 60 on the High Seas
"The Lovetts played an important role in choosing an itinerary. They were always consulted about potential ports of call, well aware that the finaly choice would depend on wind and weather.

'My family likes to sail, they like to eat, they like to be with family — it was a great reunion. With the exception of hoisting sails, which we love to do too, we didn't have to lift a finger. Wonderful food, wonderful scenery, wonderful weather.'"   View a JPEG of the entire article (228kb)
     —Reunions Magazine, March, 2007

Noah Knows Best
"Sylvia Brown was worried about spending a week on a small schooner off the Maine coast, but that was before she met her captain."   Read entire article
     —London Sunday Telegraph, April 12, 2006

Revisit the Past in Maine, the Schooner the Better
"Throughout the day, my fellow passengers and I found comfortable spots along the Taber's deck to clean the city air out of our lungs, read, take a midday snooze or just plain relax as Noah Barnes, the Taber's second-generation skipper, took us around spruce-fringed islands like Little Deer Isle, Vinalhaven and Castine.

In the evenings, we were anchored and stuffed from another great meal from the galley, and there was entertainment — musical and otherwise — and more of the joke telling that goes on all day."   Download a PDF of the entire article (2.4mb)
     —Daily News, Sunday, April 24, 2005

Full Belly Sailing
"The sun rises about 6 a.m. over the shimmering waters of the Gulf of Maine, but aboard the schooner Stephen Taber the day is well underway. From the ships galley, the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread, herbed scrambled eggs and bacon wafts through the air. The ship's cook was up before dawn, preparing breakfast over a wood-burning stove.... The food is almost as legendary as the Stephen Taber itself."   Download a PDF of the entire article (6.9mb)
     —The News-Times (Danbury, CT)

Coming Home: The Stephen Taber Changes Hands
"Captain Noah insists on outstanding service, and he appreciates fine wines and good food. He has a deep-rooted desire for everything to be the best, and he offers no less than he demands. He enjoys healthy competition and a rousing good laugh. In short, he makes the perfect young captain."
     —Maine Boats & Harbors

A Family of Windjammers
"Ten-year-old Noah pounded bungs, nipping them flush with a slick. Coastal Maine became his backyard and playground—when he wasn't cleaning heads, standing bow watch with a foghorn, or singing backup."
     —Wooden Boat Magazine

An Historical Cruise on the Taber
"I watched with amazement as Captain Noah Barnes tacked the Taber's way through a treacherously narrow underwater ravine.... Captain Barnes is a gifted musician and has traveled the world sailing vessels.... He is a most remarkable historian, quite capable of spinning yarns around the lamp light, taking out an acoustic guitar and harmonica, embellishing on some jazz licks or lighthearted folk music.

"Our meals were elegantly prepared on a vintage wooden cook stove in the schooner's galley. Chef Aimee's galley was always a welcoming warm place filled with laughter, hot coffee, endless cookies, and many memories of past and present cruisers. Check out the Taber for your next cruising vacation and add your memories to mine."   Read entire article

A Unique New England Experience Awaits Aboard a Windjammer
"Aficionados consider the Taber to be the last bastion of traditional New England Fare."
     —The Boston Globe


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